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Married in 1970, we were both brought up in the beautiful villages of Gloucestershire and we are now living in an equally beautiful South Pembrokeshire coastal village. We moved from Gloucestershire to Pembrokeshire at the end of 2002 to pursue a more tranquil way of life.

Since the late 1980's we have been researching our respective family trees. Alan's has been helped considerably by the Harmer Family Association, while Julie's Fardon Family has proved to be quite a different interesting project. At first research centred around the Gloucestershire villages, but has now taken in those families that were established around Oxfordshire & Warwickshire.

"Harmers' Piece", Jameston, Pembrokeshire


The Fardon family appear to originate, so far, from the North Oxfordshire area in North Newington when in about 1508 John Fardon (Vardon), who was born about 1485, married a lady by the name of Johanna. One of John's descendants Richard, who was born about 1650, settled in Wooton Wawen in Warwickshire, England.. He settled in a property that was leased by his father John.
We have found two large, and so far, unconnected branches of the Fardon family with only a handful of very small yet to be connected strands. We believe that somewhere along the line a John Fardon, connected with Richard of Wootton Wawen, settled in Hayles in Gloucestershire after marrying Ann Dobbins at Weston Sub-Edge in Gloucestershire, England. This John is responsible for the resulting group of descendants that have been written about below in the pages entitled 'The Fardons of Gloucestershire' . The Fardon Family have been mainly involved in Farming, Smithying and related occupations. One notable group became involved in distilling and preservatives and founded the Fardon Vinegar Company. This was after a period mining and processing Salt in the Droitwich area. Some of the Oxfordshire group became the famous clock makers of Deddington, while Edward Langley Fardon, in the mid 1800s succeeded in inventing the first spoked bicycle wheel! He also designed and built the gates of the Rothschild Mansion that was used in the filming of the 'Sound of Music'.
There is more comprehensive information on the Fardon family on ancestry.co.uk where there is also more recent data added and photographs. In our research we have tended to concentrated on the Fardon family so that any children of female married Fardons will not necessarily appear. If in the course of looking through the ancestry.co.uk site, you see something you know to be in error, or are able to fill some of the many gaps, then please let me know at the e-mail address below.


The Fardons of Gloucestershire, England.

An Online Book describing the many descendant Fardon families originating from around Temple Guiting, in Gloucestershire, England from about 1690 up to the present day has been researched, written and compiled by our fellow researcher Brian Harringman.

If printed bound copies are preferred, please indicate interest to: Monddi Dimond Press Ltd., Well Hill, Pembroke. SA71 4DH. UK

Tel:01646 682424 or Email enquiries@monddi.co.uk

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The Gloucestershire Fardon Family appears to have been centred around Temple Guiting and Guiting Power, in Gloucestershire, England. The earliest record appears to be a John Fardon who was sworn in as Constable at Hayles, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire in 1715. This is confirmed by the Court Order book for that period. We think that the family moved to the area initially from North West Oxfordshire and earlier probably from Staffordshire via Warwickshire. Generally the occupations of the Fardons appear to centre around Agriculture and Smithying.


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