The Fardons of Gloucestershire, England.

An Online Book by Brian Harringman, Alan Harmer and Julie Harmer (nee Fardon)

This Online Book describes the many descendant Fardon families originating from around Temple Guiting, in Gloucestershire, England from about 1690 up to the present day. The material has been researched, compiled and written by Brian Harringman with our help and assistance.

We are always seeking additional information, and corrections, to these pages and copies of photographs and documents that give provenance to the people within the family are always very welcome. As a consequence we are always keen to add substance to this material and can be contacted at

The Fardon family is believed to have become evident in the North Newington area of Oxfordshire, in England. There is early evidence that it is derived from 'Vardon' and may be connected with Dutch Huguenots.

Most of the Gloucestershire Fardons descend from John Fardon who died 9 March 1742/43 at Hailes, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England. John was a Constable and may have arrived at Hailes, from Warwickshire, in the late 1600s to marry Ann Dobbins on 28 April 1698 at Weston Sub Edge, Gloucestershire, England.


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We started our research into the Fardon family about 1975, when Julie took the first notes from her father, Harry Oliver Fardon. Over the years these notes expanded into a formal tree and more in-depth research has resulted in our knowledge of the overall Fardon family of which this book on the Gloucestershire branch, is part. In August 2004 Brian Harringman contacted us whilst undertaking research on a branch of the Family for Bryan Goddard, whose grandmother was a Fardon. Since then Brian and ourselves have worked together to produce this book. This online book is maintained by us and the date of the last change is at the bottom of each page. If there is enough demand it is possible that we could explore the publication of a hard copy version.

There are so many to thank for all the help we have received to make this book possible. For all those connected with the Fardons, or those who are Fardons, thank you so much for all the information, photographs etc and encouragement you have given us. To all the Records Office Staff, around the country, who have been most helpful with the archives. Finally to all the world-wide-web transcribers who have now made it possible to use the Internet from our homes.

Alan and Julie Harmer
6 September 2007
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