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Chapter 24. William, son of Richard and Susanna

This is a small branch, with no known Fardons so far identified after the second generation. The family moved to Moreton-in-Marsh, where William was blacksmith. But after losing his wife and twins, probably in childbirth, he left the town, remarried, and was lost from the records. Two daughters can be traced later, but the two surviving sons who could have maintained the family name are also lost.

W - William

William was born in Ford, within the Temple Guiting parish, and was baptised in Temple Guiting on 13th October 1816. The next record is on census day (6th - 7th June) 1841 when he was staying with his brother John in Bourton on the Hill. On 24th August the following year he was in Moreton-in-Marsh to marry Charlotte Hine, who had been born there around 1811, the daughter of George Hine, a local stonemason. Their first child was born in 1844 in Bearley, Warwickshire, just north of Stratford-on-Avon. But they were in Moreton again from 1847 with the birth of their next and subsequent children. In 1851 they were living at Stow Road in Moreton. Throughout the period 1842 to 1851 William was recorded as a blacksmith.

In 1853 Charlotte died aged only 35, perhaps from complications resulting from the birth of twins James and Clara, who themselves lasted only two months. On 4th April the following year William married again, in the Register Office in Chipping Norton, eight miles from Bourton. His bride was Ann Simpson. Nothing is known of her other than that her father was a labourer, and the family was not listed in the 1861 census for Moreton or subsequently. William and family must have left town and only the two surviving daughters have subsequently been found in the records..

The children of William and Charlotte

There were six children, all born and baptised in Moreton except the first, Jane, who was born at Bearley in Warwickshire. The dates shown here are the years/months in which the births were registered:

W1 - Jane 1844/4   W4 - George 1852/1
W2 - Sarah Ann 1847/2   W5 - James 1853/4
W3 - Henry 1848/4   W6 - Clara 1853/4

James and Clara died two months after their birth. There is information on the surviving girls, both of whom went into service: Jane may have remained unmarried, Sarah married and went to live in London. The surviving boys Henry and George have not been found in later records,

W1 - Jane

Jane was at home in Moreton in 1851, but disappears when the family leave Moreton. She is next seen in 1881, aged 36, in service as a cook to Lucy and Elizabeth Burlingham in Evesham, Worcestershire, annuitant sisters (ie living on a pension). She is still there in 1901, the address now given as 36, High Street, now a housekeeper for the couple. She is then lost from the records, but she may be the Jane Fardon of the correct age (84) whose death was registered in 1928 in Wandsworth, London.

W2 - Sarah Ann

Sarah was also at home in 1851 and disappears when the family left Bourton. In 1871 she was living in Eardington, Shropshire, and working as a servant for Thomas Jackson, the head of the Eardington Iron Works. Jackson was blind from diphtheria and his personal assistant was Charles Law. In 1875 Sarah married Law at Richmond in Surrey and they are later found in 1881 at 93 Phillmore Mews, Kensington, London. Charles was then working as a greengrocer's assistant.

Between 1876 and 1888 they had seven children, all born in Kensington. The first two dates in following table are those when the births were registered, the others (in parentheses) are calculated from ages given in the 1901 census.

W2a - Thomas Joseph 1876   W2e - Catherine A (1883)
W2b - William John 1877   W2f - Charlotte W (1886)
W2c - Mary E (1879)   W2g - Arthur S (1888)
W2d - Bernard C (1880)      

All except William were at home in 1901, the family living in Hammersmith. Father was now a painter, as was his eldest son. Further generations of this family have not been followed as they are now not Fardons.

A death that appears to be Sarah is registered in 1921 in Uxbridge, Middlesex and Charles died in 1926 in the Kensington area of London.

W3 - Henry and W4 - George

Henry's birth was registered at the end of 1848 and he was baptised in Moreton the following year. He was at home in 1851, but he has not been traced after the family left Moreton later in the decade.

George was born after the 1851 census, so all that is known about him is the registration of birth, and his baptism at Moreton, both in 1852. He also disappearance from known records after the family left Moreton.

W5 - James and W6 - Clara

Twins James and Clara were born in early September 1853. Their mother died at this time, presumably in childbirth or as a result of it. The twins were baptised very promptly in Bourton on 7th September, and their mother was buried three days later. Clearly things were not right with the children as they survived little more than two months. They were buried in November of 1853.

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