Daniel Fardon - Chapter 13


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Chapter 13 ~ L - Daniel, son of John and Mary


Daniel, blacksmith, probably spent most of his life in Temple Guiting, though he was living in Stanway when he died at the age of 35. He was married, but there is no evidence that there were children, and it is probable that after him the Fardon name died out in this branch.

Daniel was baptised in Temple Guiting in 1812. The next record is of the reading of banns at Temple Guiting in 1840, followed by his marriage in February of that year to Mary Bartlett, a resident of Temple Guiting though not born in Gloucestershire. She was the daughter of William, a labourer, perhaps the William Bartlett, 68, registered in Guiting Power in 1851. He was then an agricultural labourer born in Evenlode northeast of Stow in the Wold, at that time in an enclave of Worcestershire within Gloucestershire.

The couple remained in the Temple Guiting at least until June of 1841, where the census shows them without children, he with a nominal age of 25, she 20, (ages in the 1841 census were often rounded to a multiple of 5 years). His occupation was blacksmith.

Daniel died in 1847 in Stanway at the age of 35 and his body was brought back for burial at Temple Guiting on 2nd July. There is no evidence from Temple Guiting or Stanway parish records or from GRO indexes of any children born to him and Mary. There is no firm evidence of what happened to Mary. Could she be the Mary whose (re)marriage was registered in Cheltenham in 1955, or whose birth in the same town in 1862?

At the time of Daniel's death there was another Fardon family at Stanway - that of Joseph, see chapter 21.

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