What Now?

Adverse stress, or anxiety, affects our society on so many ways that not all indirect affects can easily be identified. From the most obvious of mental breakdown to the less obvious and minor, lack of concentration. All lead to the situation where rational thought and logical interaction start to deteriorate. This could evolve into a state where major decisions are made that are detrimental to our own society and may result in civil breakdown, and a period of decay and decline.

I believe that the first premise is to accept that for a sustainable future we must accept a long term reduction in our own, if not the world, population. Also based upon the laws of Nature that as resources, on which we rely, decline then tribal groups of humans will be in conflict with others for control of these. These resources also include the extremely important ones of food and fresh water. In this respect we must attempt to be more self-sufficient within our own country and seek to become a lot more independent generally.

To this end we should at least accept that population is a threatening issue and develop a plan with a vision that looks forward at least 150 years to reduce ours to that of about the level that existed around 1850. To go some way to achieving this we would need much stricter border controls and policies to limit birth rates. This range of changes would mean a long term vision, quite different from the present parliamentary 4 year short term populist vision that our democracy presently has.

To help alleviate the stress on our society within our own country, we should also start to unpick our complex rules and laws and create more of a 'framework government' that leaves the micro-level of day to day running to the populace.

And if we, as a population do nothing? Then all I can really do is look after myself and my family and make sure that we at least survive!

Good Luck!

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