Sarah Fardon - Chapter 22


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Chapter 22 ~ U - Sarah, daughter of Richard and Susannah

Sarah lived what seems to have been a typically uneventful life of a rural housewife. She married a shoemaker, had children by him and grandchildren. She lived her life in north Gloucestershire, and died in her eightieth year

Sarah was born in the Temple Guiting hamlet of Ford in January 1813. In 1830 she was in Winchcombe to marry Richard Mansell, a shoemaker born in the village of Didbrook. They went to live in Stanway, where two children were baptised in 1831 and 1833. Between 1836 and 1814 they were in Cutsdean, where four children were baptised. They were back in Stanway parish for the 1851 census, specifically in the village of Wood Stanway; two more children were baptised here. By 1861 they had moved to Stanton, Richard still working as a shoemaker. They were next seen at Chapel Lane in Winchcombe in 1881.

After her husband's death at the age of 77, registered in Winchcombe in the first quarter of 1888, Sarah moved to Murcott Hamlet in Childswickham, near Evesham, now just across the county border in Worcestershire, but then in Gloucestershire. Her medical condition was shown in the census as Imbecile, perhaps what would now be known as dementia. Her death was registered at the age of 79 in Evesham in the first quarter of 1892.

There are eight known children, as shown in the attached Sources listing, and also grandchildren, but these are not Fardons and have not been followed.

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