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Chapter 16 ~ O - Moses, son of John and Mary

The head of this branch of the family was also a blacksmith, at first in Temple Guiting, later in Bredon, Worcestershire. He married a niece. His wife and the one surviving daughter (of two) emigrated to the United States of America but he did not accompany them. With a single surviving daughter, the Fardon name died out after the second generation.

Moses was baptised in Temple Guiting in 1818. He was still there in 1841, aged a nominal 20 and living at his parents' house. He was listed as a blacksmith and is likely to have been working in the family business. Two elder brothers were also at home, John and George, but the former was without occupation (Chapter 5) and the latter an agricultural labourer (Chapter 14). Following the deaths of his parents in the 1840s he has his own household in 1851 and is listed as a blacksmith. Presumably he has taken over the family business. He was still unmarried and an elder sister Lucy (Chapter 10) was visiting him on census day. In 1850 he had been in Hawling as witness at the wedding of his niece Jane (Chapter 6).

In late 1857 or early 1858 he married Lucy Ann Fardon, his niece, daughter of brother William (Chapter 6). His marriage was registered in Cheltenham at the beginning of 1858, and presumably took place there rather than locally. Two children followed, Ellen Mary in early 1858 and Jane in December 1860, but Jane died within a few months of birth.

They (Oliver, Lucy, Ellen) were still living at Temple Guiting village in 1861, where Moses was listed as a farmer. But by 1871 he had moved to the hamlet of Ford, still within the Temple Guiting parish, and had reverted to his trade of blacksmith. The Kelly directories then show him in Ford in 1876 (as a wheelwright) and 1879 (blacksmith).

By the beginning of the next decade the family had moved to Bredon in Worcestershire, in Westmancote Road, where Moses continued to work as blacksmith. On census night 1881 Moses and Lucy were at home, and Ellen, aged 21 and still single, was visiting, and presumably staying with Mary Jeynes, glove-maker, in the same street. Ellen's occupation was as a domestic nurse.

Wife and daughter then emigrated to the United States. Moses was not with them. No records have been found of what he then did, until his death was registered in Stow in the Wold in 1887 at the age of 68.

The women must have left home during the spring or early summer of 1881, for they were in Glasgow to board the SS State of Nevada, which sailed from there to New York, arriving on 15th September. Ellen was later recorded at Geneva, Ohio, presumably to join her brothers Frederick and John, who had emigrated to the USA around 1850 (Chapter 6). Frederick and his family were in Geneva when Ellen arrived there.

There is no more information on Lucy. Ellen, however, appears in US official documentation. This shows that on 6th September 1884 she was married in Geneva, Ohio, to Melvin Horace Hazen. There are four known children, Charles Weston (born 15th March 1887), Frank George and Frederick William (13th March 1891), the latter of whom presumably died, because a new baby (7th February 1896) was named Frederick William.

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