Lucy Fardon - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 ~ I - Lucy, daughter of John and Mary


Another girl whose birth and marriage are documented, and who might have then disappeared from the records, were it not for the fact that she was widowed early, and later makes appearances on visits to siblings, conveniently at census times. Probably no children.

Lucy was baptised in Temple Guiting on Christmas Day 1805. In 1837 , also in Temple Guiting, she married Thomas Smith, a labourer of Sevenhampton. Her occupation is shown as "sempstess" (ie seamstress). She is next seen in 1851 when, alone, she is visiting her brother Moses (chapter 16) in Temple Guiting on census night. Her occupation is shown as nurse. Ten years later, again on census night, she is again visiting, this time her sister Sarah Baylis in Hawling (Chapter 7). At least in 1861 she was listed as a widow and, in the absence of a Mr Smith in 1851 the same may have been true then. There is no information on any children and there are no children with her on either occasion.

Nothing more has been found, but it is, of course, very difficult to trace people having the name of Smith. She probably does not appear in the 1881 census, when she would have been 76, at least not as Lucy Smith, and she may well have died by then.

source date place age occupation birthplace detail and comment
par 1805 Temple Guiting       baptised 25th December
par 1837 Temple Guiting   sempstress   married Thomas Smith,16th September
cen 1851 Temple Guiting 42 nurse Temple Guiting visiting brother Moses
cen 1861 Hawling 56   Temple Guiting visiting sister Sarah

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