Sarah Fardon - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 - Sarah, daughter of John and Mary


Sarah married a local man, George Bayliss from Naunton and they settled in Hawling. George was a nurseryman and employer, and in 1851 the village census enumerator.. There appear to have been no children.

Sarah was baptised at Temple Guiting in 1799. She married George Baylis on 14th December 1831 in a ceremony at Hawling. George was a native of Naunton and of similar age to Sarah. The couple settled in Hawling and they are counted there in the 1851 and 1861 censuses. No children are listed on either occasion, neither are there any parish records of children of them being baptised at Hawling. In 1850 she and George were witnesses at the wedding in Hawling of her nephew John. In 1861 Lucy Smith, 56, Sarah's younger sister (see chapter 10), widow, is visiting them.

Sarah died in 1868, aged 69, and was buried at Hawling on 6th October of that year. George survived a further five years, and was also buried at Hawling probably in early 1873.

George was a businessman, described in 1851 as a nurseryman employing four people, in 1861 as a nurseryman employing three men, and a farmer of [?18] acres, and in 1871 as nurseryman and seedsman employing four men. Sarah was listed as nurseryman's wife in 1861 and farmer's wife in 1861. After Sarah's death George remained in business and had a servant Ann Kilbey, aged 72 in 1871. His address then was the Post Office.

George must have been reasonably literate, as he was the census enumerator for the village in 1851.

source date place age occupation birthplace detail and comment
par 1799 T-Guiting       baptised 7th April
par 1831 Hawling       married George Baylis
cert 1850 Hawling       witness with husband at wedding of nephew John
cen 1851 Hawling 51 nurserymen's wife T-Guiting wife of George Baylis
cen 1861 Hawling 61 farmer's wife T-Guiting wife of George Baylis
gro 1868 Winchcombe 69     death registered 4th quarter
par 1868 Hawling 69     buried 6th October
gro 1873 Winchcombe       death of husband George registered 1st quarter, aged 74
par 187x Hawling       husband George, 72, buried Hawling, date not given

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