John Fardon - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 ~ D - John, son of John and Mary

Little is known about John, who probably spent the whole of his life in Temple Guiting, and who died there probably unmarried at the age of 50.

John was baptised in November 1794, the first son of John Fardon and Mary Seacombe. He is next seen in the 1841 census, unmarried, age 45, living at home in Temple Guiting with his parents (his father John D senior, he John D junior). No occupation is shown, but his father is listed as a blacksmith; perhaps he was helping in this. Four years later he died at the age of 50, only months before his father, and was buried in the village.

source date place age occupation born detail/comment
par 1794 Temple Guiting baptised 23rd November
cen 1841 Temple Guiting 45 Glos living at home with parents
par 1845 Temple Guiting 50 buried 3rd May
gro 1845 Winchcombe death registered 2nd quarter

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