Military Records

Persons listed:- Arthur - b.1891; Arthur - b.1894f; Ernest Charles - b.1920; Francis Emmanuel - b1887; George Edmund Lees - b.1910; George Henry - b.1890 ; James - b1893; John Edward - b 1881 ; Joshua - b.1898; Walter George - b.1874

These records deal with Fardon military history and through the individual serviceman or woman's record they reveal the personal situations that they found themselves in at the time. The British Army First World War service records (Nat Archives catalogue reference Series WO 364) include those of soldiers discharged on account of sickness or injuries sustained during their service.


Documents relating to some six million soldiers who served in World War I were retained after the war. During World War 2 the store in which they were kept was hit by enemy bombing and some two-thirds of the records were destroyed. The rest were badly damaged by fire and water, but were nevertheless retained. During the 1990s with the help of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund the painstaking job was undertaken of trying to retrieve as much of the information as possible from these documents. The result is the series of so-called Burnt Documents, which are available for consultation on microfilm at the National Archives at Kew.
Information, some of it very detailed, has so far been found on four of the Gloucestershire Fardons. The summary of all this appears in the narratives, the following is the detail .

Walter George - b.1874 (Chapter 14)

14 Aug 1915
Form headed Certificate of Trade Proficiency (Army Service Corps)
(examination by a Civilian tradesman)
Summary: Walter was examined in Cheltenham by H Locke & Sons, bakers and confectioners, of Crescent Bakery in Cheltenham. He was certified as 'very good' as a Table Hand (Baker)

16 Aug 1915
Attestation at Cheltenham into the A[rmy] S[ervice] C[orps] as a baker, regimental number S4/125987
Address: 1 Gravel Pits, London Road, Charlton Kings, Glos
Age: 41
Trade; Baker

Report on enlistment
Age: 41
height: 5ft 4 and five-eighths inches, chest 35½in, expansion 2½in
next of kin: Sarah, wife, 1 Gravel Pits, London Road, Charlton Kings, Glos
marriage: to Sarah Bowles, spinster, 22/2/1898 at Temple Guiting
children: Walter Edward b26/5/1898, Eileen b2/12/1904, both at Naunton

inventory of the kit of 125937 Walter Fardon of 226 Company, who was transferred on 9 Feb 1916

Statement of the Services
Service reckons from 16/8/15 16/8/15
Joined ASC 'A' at Aldershot as a private
1/2/17 ASC 'A'. Discharged being no longer physically fit for war service, para 392 (xvi) K[ing's] R[egulations], auth[orit]y ASC Depot
Summary of service:
Home: 16/8/15 - 19/3/16
Expeditionary Force France: 20/3/16-27/12/16
Home: 28/12/16-1/2/17

7 Jan 1917
A form sent to ASC Records, Woolwich, from CO 'A' Coy ASC at Catterick (Scotton) Camp, Yorks. Much is too faint to read, but medical disability shown as bronchitis.

Arthur - b.1894 (Chapter 18)
The following is an amalgam of the information in a number of burnt documents, particularly medical records and "statements of service". There is some duplication, shown here where slightly different information is given on different documents.

Service (regimental) numbers and rank were:
2584 on enlistment
256566 from 10th March 1917, part of the general renumbering in accordance with ACI 2414 of 1916
644437 on transfer to the Labour Corps
He remained a private throughout

Personal details on enlistment
name Arthur Fardon
age 20 years 5 months
address 9 Handell Street, Nottingham
trade fishmonger
employer J Burton, Smithy Row, Nottingham

Military career
Date place details reported by
15/9/14   enlisted in Reserve Bn Notts and Derbys 7th Bn
28/6/15   transferred [to 1/7th Bn] 1/7th
28/6/15 Southampton embarked  
29/6/15 Rouen disembarked  
8/9/15   joined [unspecified] unit  
16/2/16 field to 139th Bde, M[achine] G[un] Co[rps] OC Bn
30/6/16 field sprained wrist 3/46 FR
1/7/16 field Acc'd sprain 20 C[asualty] C[learing] S[tation]
2/7/16 Le Touquet sprained wrist 16 G[eneral] Ho[spital]
4/7/16   trans[fer] to England, H[ospital] S[hip] Oxfordshire  
15/9/16   posted from 1/7th to Res Bn 7th Bn
9/1/17   in unknown hospital to 26/1/17, see below  
19/2/17 Saltfleet AWOL 9 days  
6/3/17   posted to Notts & Derbys 1/7th
9/3/17 Folkestone embarked 7th reserve
9/3/17 Boulogne disembarked  
10/3/17 Calais arr 14 Infantry base, allocated regtl no 265566 under ACI 2414/16  
31/3/17   posted to 2/7th Sherwood Foresters 14 JBD, also 2/7th
6/4/17 field joined unit, C Coy OC unit
22/9/17 field sick to hospital (see below) OC unit
22/9/17 field contus[ion] knee (L) 2/1 NMFA
22/9/17 field contus[ion] knee (R) 142 FA
28/9/17 field contus[ion] knee (R) acc IN2 FA (or I iv FA)
3/10/17 Wimereux contus[ion] knee (L) 2 Aust[ralian], see below
4./10/17   "298..[unreadable] to Depot  
4/10/17   TF Depot, 292 [unreadable] posted  
7/10/17 Wimereux inv[alided] to Eng[land] 2 Aust[ralian], see below
7/10/17 Northampton in hospital to 27/11/17, see below  
27/11/17 Blackpool in hospital to 4/2/18, see below  
4/2/18   on leave  
23/2/18   posted 5th Reserve bn Notts&Derby Regt, OC C Co 5th
    Occupational cards sent 2/3/18 Reserve Bn
14/3/18   Ripon to 124P  
14/3/18   65 C[?de] Ripon  
14/3/18   at No 2 Inf CD Ripon (until14/5/18)  
(24/5/18) Saltfleet Posted to 5th Reserve Bn 2 I. C Depot, Ripon
25/5/18   124P Res[erve] posted 5
4/9/18   To Labour Corps 504  
4/9/18   L Corps [unreadable] Coy.. Transferred, posted  
7/9/18 Saltfleet trans[fer] to Labour Corps, posted to 504 HS Employment Coy  
14/9/18 Grimsby posted to 506 HS Employment Coy 506
23/12/18 Clipstone posted to 527 HS Employment Coy 527
15/3/19   posted to 525 HS Employment Coy 525
20/3/19 Clipstone transfer to Army Reserve, No 3 Dispersal Unit  
30/3/19 Clipstone final medical examination  
18/4/19   discharge from the armed services  

Hospitals (UK)
Hospital dates period problem comment
Scabies depot south 9/1/17 - 26/1/17 18 days scabies  
Northants War Hospital, Duston 7/10/17 - 27/11/17   con lt knee some damage to [unreadable] ligt. Transferred to Lancashire Hospital, Blackpool
C Division King's Lancs Mil Hospital Blackpool 27/11/18 - 4/2/18 79 days contusion lt knee causing synovitis Physical training etc. 8 weeks massage treatment. Furlough 14/2/18. Thence Command Depot" for further treatment
No 2 Inf CD Ripon 14/3/18 - 16/5/18 63 days - ditto - Cat B2 TMB

(On a medical form at the end of his service Arthur quoted the hospitals, relating to his synovitis, as:
Australian Hospital, Boulogne
Northampton Military Hospital
Blackpool Military Hospital)

George Henry - b.1890 (chapter 12)
This information derives from a number of burnt documents. It shows his mobilisation as an infantryman; transfer to the Royal Engineers; discharge with a disability pension; pension granted to his widow after his early death.
Personal details on attestation (10th December 1915)

address:-   9 Green Street, Oldbury
age:-   25 years, 4 months
occupation:-   spring-maker
wife:-   Hannah Fardon
married:-   2nd August 1915
height:-   5ft 9½in
chest:-   38in
Service record
1/12/15 attested
1/5/16 mobilised service at home till 16th September
17/9/16 with BEF (France) till 17/9/19
24/9/16 with 1/8 Bn Royal Warks Regt
15/5/17 transfer to Royal Engineers nr 503766, then WR282944, see footnote
6/10/19 discharge to Class Z Army Reserve

footnote: transfer to the Royal engineers in May 1917 was the outcome of his success in an examination in spring-making, his civilian trade.
There is a post-discharge document entitled FIRST AWARD -SOLDIER relating to what appears to be a 100% disability pension for George. The document is in very poor condition, but the following can be distinguished:
100% disability
discharge [?12]/10/19
date [?of pension] 31/12/19 to 12/10/20 [or 29]
address [?41] Hardware Street
After George's death in early 1921 his widow was awarded a pension, as specified in a document entitled FIRST AWARD WIDOW sent from the Ministry of Pensions (widows branch) to OIC Records, R[oyal] E[ngineers], Chatham. Dated 1/4/21 or 20/4/21 it read:
Case No 11393 [some unreadable]. I am directed by the Minister of Pensions to inform you that the above-named widow has been awarded the Pension above noted. The Officer issuing Separation Allowance has been informed. The certificates in support of the application have been returned to the Widow. [signed] George Chrystal, Secretary.

The form read as follows:
soldier's name:   Fardon, George Henry
regiment:   Royal Engineers
widow's name:   Fardon, George Hy [sic, in error]
address:   19 Hardware Street, West Bromwich
soldier's rank:   [unreadable]
widow's birth (mo/yr):   9/95
nature of award:   WR/177250
weekly rate:   widow 20 shillings
allowance for children:   [left blank]
number of children:   [item crossed through]
children's birthdates   [item crossed through]
gratuity amount:   [item crossed through]
warrant and article:   [item crossed through]
widow's marriage (mo/yr):   8-15
soldier's birth (mo/yr):   1891 [sic]

Joshua - b.1898 (Chapter 4)
Records and correspondence from the "burnt documents", copies at the National Archives, Kew. Mrs E Ackhurst is Joshua's mother (remarried), Ellen L Fardon and Mrs Daisy Belfall (baptismal names Annie Emily) his sisters.

11th January 1915
attestation on joining the Royal West [unreadable]

occupation: labourer
age: 19 [falsified - he was 16]
address: 11 Leslie Road, Custom House

Undated (no earlier than November 1917, covering whole service)

Medical record

On recruitment: height 5ft 4½ in, weight 123 lbs, chest 35in
Birthplace Silvertown, Essex
examined 11/1/15 at Canning Town
declared age 19
trade labourer
height 5ft 4.5in
weight 123lb
chest 35in, expansion 3in
physical development good
vaccination marks 3 (left)
when vaccinated in infancy
vision R 6/6 L 6/6
enlisted Canning Town 11/1/1915
joined Royal West Kent Regt, regt number 5390
mom-effected by death assumed on or after 30/11/1917
Undated [probably after his death, certainly no earlier than late 1917, but covering the whole service]][see also the undated Casualty Form below]
Statement of Service
Note: after 27th June 1916 the left hand of the page is progressively unreadable due to fire/water damage
personal details:-: age 19 [see footnote], height 5ft 4½ in, chest 35in
next of kin:-: next of kin, Elizabeth Ackhurst, mother, Leytonstone Infirmary, Essex
service from:-: 11th January 1915
joined:-: Canning Town
d[epot] posted private 11th Jan 1915
9th [battalion] posted private 16th Jan 1916
8th [battalion] posted BEForce private ?? Oct 1915
d[epot] posted private 20th Jun 1916
9th [battalion] posted private 27th Jul 1916
... app[ointment] L/cpl 14th Feb 1917
... Lance stpr...C private 26th ??? 1917
... posted private 18th Jul 1917
... [po]sted private 19th July 1917
... [post]ed private 5th August 1917

1. Joshua has falsified his age. Other sources, for example the letters of 11th and 16th July 1916 [below], show that he was 16.
2. The 9th battalion was UK-based, involved in training and in supplying drafts to overseas battalions

Undated form
Hospital: [unreadable]
Admitted 21/6/16
discharged 6/7/16
disease myalgia
number of days in 15
Undated Casualty Form - Active Service
G/5390 Pte Joshua Fardon, Royal West Kent Regt.
Enlisted:11/1/15. Terms of service: For War
from whom record place date remarks
Records PUO Adm 23GH Etaples 23/5/16 H8938
OS ship To HS Brighton - 20/6/16 W3083 ex 23GH
[Editor's comment:
23GH is 23 General Hospital at Etaples, one of the WW1 hospital set up to support the allied troops on the Western Front
HS is Hospital Ship. Brighton shuttled between France and the UK during the war]

11th July 1916 Letter to unknown [military address] from Mrs Belfall [Joshua's sister], 27 Chaundler Road, Custom House, E
I am writing on behalf of my mother who cannot write as she would like to know if it is possible for you to keep my brother Joshua Fardon (5390) from going to the Front any more as you will see by the enclosed certificate that he is only just turned 18 last Friday week. We see by the papers that they are keeping all lads back until they are19 and he has had a good turn for a boy that age. Me and my mother and sisters would be very thankful and abliged [sic] if you could do anythink [sic] in the matter. Kindly return the certificate in inclose [sic] envelope.
[signed] Mrs Belfall

14th July 1916
Letter from Registry, No 10 District. Infantry Records Office
To OIC Records, R W Kent Regiment, Hounslow
With reference to the attached application received from Mrs Belfield [sic][see footnote], 27 Chaundler Road, Custom House, E, will you kindly inform us as to the action to be taken in this case, and forward this man's documents with your reply.
No G/5390 Pte J Fardon is due to join this depot on the 17th inst at the expiration of his sick leave furlough, and the birth certificate in his case gives date of birth as 30th June 1898.
Footnote: This is a reaction to a request by Joshua's sister Mrs Belfall that Joshua not be sent back to the front line in France because he was under-age for such service.

14th July 1916 Letter from Infantry Records to Depot RW Kent Regt Maidstone
Herewith documents of G/5390 Pte J Fardon as requested. This [word or words unreadable] to be dealt with in accordance with ACI No 1186 of 1916.
[Editor's note on ACI 1186. This was an Army Council Instruction issued in June 1916. It stipulated that those under the age of 18 and serving in France could be reclaimed by their next of kin, while those aged 18 would be sent to their base area and held there until they were 19.]

Undated but clearly 1917 or 1918
Conduct sheets (Summary)

Undated but probably mid-1917 Casualty Form - Active Service Joshua Fardon, enlisted 11/1/15 for duration of war. Joined 12/1/15 at Maidstone Occupation labourer Next of kin, mother, Elizabeth Ackhurst, Leytonstone Infirmary, Essex
RW Kent Posted depot 12/1/15
RW Kent Posted 9th Bn 16/1/15
RW Kent BEF 8th Bn 4/10/15
RW Kent Posted 9th Bn 27/7/16
RW Kent Posted 3rd Bn 1/9/16
RW Kent Appt L/Cpl 3rd Bn 17/2/17
RW Kent depr stripe by CO 3rd Bn 26-2-17
RW Kent 120hr detention 3rd Bn   7/3/17
[some entries unreadable]
RW Kent Posted [?] 18/7/17
? Embarked   18/7/17
  [joined] B Coy   9/8/17
6 Bn appointed unpaid L/Cpl   30/10/17
6 Bn appointed paid L/Cpl   7/11/17
  Missing   30/11/17
WO death accepted for official purposes   30/11/17
Undated but probably late 1917. Company Conduct Sheet.
B Coy 3rd West Kent
5390 J Fardon
Fort Darland 21/10/16 1. absent from parade
    2. breaking out of camp and remaining abroad until 12.15pm
    3. being in Star Lane improperly dressed
    Punishment 7 days CB
Rochester 24/11/16 Not parading in marching order when ordered to do so
    Punishment 4 days CB
Rochester 2/12/16 1. absent from escort duty
    2. absent from roll-call parade at 7.30 until found in billets about 9.30am
    Punishment 7 days CB
Rochester 26/12/16 overstaying his pass from 9.30pm to 7am 29th inst
    Puinshment7 days CB and 8 days loss of pay
Rochester 24/2/17 neglect of duty while in charge of defaulters
    Punishment Depr[ivation] of lance stripe
Rochester 2/3/17 absent from 9.30pm until 9pm 6th inst
    Punishment 120 hours detention
Rochester 28/3/17 1. absent from rollcall at 7am
    2. absent from the 8am parade
    Punishment 5 days CB
Rochester 7/7/17 overstaying his pass from Tattoo until 9.30pm on the 9th inst
    Pumishment 5 days CB

1917 unreadable date
memorandum (form 118A)
To Officer in Charge, Infantry [rest unreadable]
From War Office, Imperial Institute, South Kensington, London SW7
Would you please note that the articles of personal property now in your possession or subsequently received by you belonging to the late [unreadable] Joshua Fardon should be despatched to
Mrs E Ackhurst, 23 Custom Street, Custom House, [unreadable] Docks
Any medals that are granted to the deceased that are now in your possession or that hereafter may reach you should be disposed of to the same person.
[signed] C Harris, Assistant Financial Secretary

13th March 1918
Letter to unknown from Ellen L Fardon [Joshua's sister] writing from Holy Trinity Vicarage, Canning Town, E16
Would you kindly let me know if you have heard anything of Joshua Fardon, No 5390, 6th battalion Royal West Kent, who was last heard of at the end of November of last year. An early reply will greatly oblige his sister.
[signed] Ellen L Fardon

26th March 1919
Letter to Mrs E Ackhurst [Joshua's mother], Leytonstone Infirmary, Essex
It is my painful duty to inform you that no further news having been received relative to 5390 Lance-Corporal Joshua Fardon, 6 Royal West Kent Regiment, who has been missing since 30th November 1917, the Army Council has been regretfully constrained to conclude that he is dead and that his death took place on 30th November or since.
By His Majesty's command I am to forward the enclosed message of sympathy from Their Gracious Majesties the King and Queen. I am at the same time to express the regret of the Army Council at the soldier's death in his country's service.
[Comment: The next item probably relates to this, indicating that it was undeliverable. Leytonstone Infirmary was a former address for Joshua's mother, see second undated letter above, apparently used here in error]

1st April 1919
independent memo
[unreadable] Whipps X [unreadable]
Returned 1/4/19
No Trace Workhouse Union Road, Leytonstone E11
[Comment: What was Leytonstone Infirmary is now Whipps Cross Hospital in Whipps Cross Road, E11. There is now no known Workhouse Union Road shown in the current AtoZ). This probably relates to the letter of 26th March 1919, see above]

9th April 1919
Memo to the Regimental Paymaster at Hounslow [No 2 Regimental Record Office] Will you please report on back of this form the full Christian name, address and relationship of the person, if any, drawing allotment of pay or separation allowance in respect of 5390, L/Cpl J Fardon, 6th RW Kent.
[signed][unreadable] OIC Records.
[Editor's comment: the back of the form is crossed through and the words No Allotment written]

1st June 1919
Letter to military authorities from Joshua's sister Daisy, at address 27 Chauntler Road, Custom House E16
Dear Sirs,
I have just received a letter from the Records Office inquiring my Mother's present address so as you can forward my Brother L/c J Fardon 5390 RWK 6th Batt official notification of his death. This is his mother's address: 23 Custom Street, Custom House, Victoria Docks E16. (I am his eldest sister). I am writing on behalf of my Mother as she is not up to writing and I have done all the correspondence since he has been reported missing. Trusting you will give this every attention as this was his address when he enlisted in the army.
Yours truly,
Mrs Belfall

25th July 1919
Letter [To unreadable] Ackhurst, 23 Custom Street, Custom House E16
In order that I may be able to dispose of the plaque and scroll in commemoration of the soldier named overleaf in accordance with the wishes of His Majesty the King, I have to request that the requisite information regarding the soldier's relatives now living may be furnished in the form overleaf in strict accordance with the instructions printed thereon.
The declaration thereon should be signed in your own handwriting and the form should be returned to me when certified by a Minister or Magistrate.
[signed] [unreadable] Capt. Officer in Charge Records.
[overleaf, following Joshua's name, the form has been filled in by Joshua's mother, Elizabeth Ackhurst, as follows]

widow none
children none
father deceased
mother Elizabeth Ackhurst 23 Custom Street
brothers - full blood F E Fardon, 32

J J Fardon, 29

27 Chaundler Road

11 Leslie Road

brothers - half blood W Ackhurst, 16

A Ackhurst, 13

23 Custom House [sic]


sisters - full blood Daisy Belfall, 30

Ellen Fardon, 28

Rose Fardon, 26

27 [Chaundler Road]



sisters - half blood Alice Ackhurst, 18

Carrie Ackhurst, 15

27 Chaundler Street

23 Custom Street

[signed] E Ackhurst, mother, 23 Custom Street, Custom House
[countersigned] S G Tully, Clerk in Holy Orders, St Luke's Vicarage, Victoria Docks. Dated 18th 29 July 1919

11th September 1919
From War Office London, memo for OIC Infantry Records Hounslow.
Will you please note that any articles of personal property now in your possession or subsequently received by you belonging to the late 5390 M/c Joshua Fardon, Royal West Kent, should be despatched to Mrs E Ackhurst, 23 Custom Street, Victoria Docks E.
Any medals granted to the deceased that are now in your possession or that may hereafter reach you should be disposed of to the same address.
Signed C Harris, Assistant Financial Secretary

Unknown date. Filed at military on 10 September 1920
Letter To Mrs E Ackhurst, 23 Custom Street, Custom House E16
The memorial scroll in respect of the [unreadable] 5390 L/Cpl Fardon of Royal West Kent Regiment is forwarded herewith. Kindly acknowledge receipt hereon
[signed] [unreadable] Margitts, Capt
for Lieut Colonel, i/c No 2 Infantry Record Office
[at the foot of this is: Received Elizabeth Ackhurst [signature} With many thanks]

12th June 1920
Letter to unknown from Prudential Approved Societies of Holborn Bars, London.
Re Fardon Joshua, 5890, [6th] Royal West Kent
Dear Sir,
I shall be glad if you will inform me whether the above was transferred to another regiment prior to his death.
[unreadable signature]] Secretary

18th June 1920
Handwritten letter to the Prudential Approved Societies
Dear Sir
Army deaths HG
L/C Joshua Fardon (deceased), No 5390, 6th Royal West Kent
In reply to your letter of 14th inst I beg to inform you that the above-named soldier was not transferred to another regiment prior to his death.
[not signed] [stamped] COL i/c records

16th July 1921
Receipt from Mrs E Ackhurst for Joshua's British War and Victory medals

Receipt from Mrs E Ackhurst for Joshua's 1914-15 (sic) Star

The following is from various sources, other than the burnt documents: -

From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

name:-   Fardon, Joshua
nationality:-   United Kingdom
rank:-   Lance Corporal
regiment/Service:-   Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
unit:-   6th Bn
date of death:-   30/11/1917
service number:-   G/5390
casualty type:-   Commonwealth War Dead
grave/memorial reference:-   Panel 8
memorial:-   Cambrai memorial, Louverval

The circumstances of Joshua's death, and his memorial at
(his body was not found)
Click to see enlarged photoClick to see enlarged image of the memorial certificateThe small village of Louverval is on the north side of the N30, Bapaume to Cambrai road, 13 kilometres north-east of Bapaume and 16 kilometres south-west of Cambrai. The Memorial stands on a terrace in Louverval Military Cemetery, which is situated on the north side of the N30, south of Louverval village. CWGC signposts on the N30 give advance warning of arrival at the cemetery. The Cambrai Memorial was designed by H Chalton Bradshaw with sculpture by C S Jagger.
The CAMBRAI MEMORIAL commemorates more than 7,000 servicemen of the United Kingdom and South Africa who died in the Battle of Cambrai in November and December 1917 and whose graves are not known. Sir Douglas Haig described the object of the Cambrai operations as the gaining of a 'local success by a sudden attack at a point where the enemy did not expect it' and to some extent they succeeded. The proposed method of assault was new, with no preliminary artillery bombardment. Instead, tanks would be used to break through the German wire, with the infantry following under the cover of smoke barrages.
The attack began early in the morning of 20 November 1917 and initial advances were remarkable. However, by 22 November, a halt was called for rest and reorganisation, allowing the Germans to reinforce. From 23 to 28 November, the fighting was concentrated almost entirely around Bourlon Wood and by 29 November, it was clear that the Germans were ready for a major counter attack.
During the fierce fighting of the next five days, much of the ground gained in the initial days of the attack was lost. For the Allies, the results of the battle were ultimately disappointing but valuable lessons were learned about new strategies and tactical approaches to fighting. The Germans had also discovered that their fixed lines of defence, no matter how well prepared, were vulnerable.

Arthur - b.1891 (Chapter 18)
There are no known burnt documents extant relating to Arthur, but the casualty details as recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission are as follows:

name:-   Fardon A
nationality:-   United Kingdom
rank:-   private
regiment:-   Royal Warwickshire Regiment
unit:-   7th Bn
date of death:-   14/7/1916
service number:-   2568
casualty type:-   Commonwealth War Dead
grave/memorial reference:-   I. E. 16
cemetery:-   Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boiselle

The following is part of the War Diaries of the 1/7 Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, written shortly after the events described. It was kindly made available to me during a visit to the regimental museum in Warwick. It includes an account of the battalion's activity on the day that Arthur was killed

Click to see an enlarged image of the memorial certificateFine and warm. At 1.30pm Battn moved by motor lorries to just outside Bouzincourt, from there we moved in fighting order to ALBERT where we lay down in a field until midnight having had orders that the Battn would attack N.E. of La Boisselle at 7.30 A.M.

14th [July] TRENCHES
Moved into position in trenches and were heavily shelled going into La BOISSELLE. At 7.30 A.M. after artillery preparation A & B Coys proceeded to assault. They reached their objective. Many casualties were resulted chiefly from machine guns the following officers being killed - 2nd Lt Bullock and the following attached officers of the 3rd Dorset Regt. 2 Lt Baker 2nd Lt Farman. We held the trench for seven hours when we had to evacuate it on account of the enemy's extremely heavy enfilade fire both shell and machine guns. Lieut Colonel Knox who lead (sic) the attack and who had shown the greatest bravery throughout was wounded later. Major Hanson then took command of the Battn. Our casualties estimated at 150 of whom 68 were reported killed.

The following information comes from documents generated and held by the military authority charged with deciding on the awarding pensions to soldiers who had served in World War 1

Francis Emmanuel Fardon - b1887 (Chapter 4)

The details below are an amalgamation from the following documents:
[Personal details] On Enlistment
Discharge from hospital (and Service)
Memo from Ministry of Pensions
Statement of Service
Military History Sheet
Receipt of medals
Receipt of King's Certificate

Military progress
3rd September 1914 attested at Canning Town, accepted into the Royal West Kent Regiment and posted to the regimental depot. Medical examinations show: born Custom House age: 27 years 5 months height 5ft 10½in, weight 132lb, chest 35in expansion 2in complexion sallow, hair and eyes brown religion CofE declared fit for army service and for service in the Royal West Kent Regt
24 October 1914 joined 9th [training] Bn
25 August 1915 posted to 7th Bn in BEF (France)
18 November 1916 wounded [no details]
4 December 1916 posted to "D" [epot]
11 May 1917 Discharged from Northamptonshire War Hospital as no longer physically fit for war service, having appeared before an army medical board "at this station". Home address 27 Chandler Road, Custom House. "No allowance being issued in respect of him"
1 June 1917 Discharged from the service, no longer physically fit for war service under para 392 (xvi) of King's Regulations. Total service:
Home (Britain: 2/9/14-24/8/15 - 356 days
BEF: 25/8/15-3/12/161yr - 101 days
Home: 4/12/16-1/6/17 - 180 days
TOTAL: - 2yr 272 days
undated (but later than 1 Jun 1917).
Next of kin:
Elizabeth Ackhurst, mother, West Ham Union Workhouse
John James [Fardon} brother Leslie Road, Custom House
8 August 1917 Ministry of Pensions, Royal Hospital, Chelsea advises regiment that Francis would receive a pension of 27/6 [£1 7s 6d] [per week] for 26 weeks cond[itional]
14 Aug 1919 receipt for King's certificate with respect to military service, address 27 Chauntler Road
.. Jun 1921 receipt for British War and Victory medals and for "medal granted for service in the British Expeditionary Force [ie 1914 Star], address 27 Chauntler Road

John Edward - b 1881 (chapter 18)

The information is from the following documents:
Award Sheet - First Award, and another similar document of mid-July 1919
Casualty Form - Active Service, not earlier than April 1919
Medical report undated but not earlier than January 1919

Military progress
24/6/16 enlisted, age 36, religion Church of England
25/1/18 posted for duty, Norwich
28/1/18 finally approved
11/2/18 posted to Isleworth [site of ASC MT unit]
17/4/18 passed learner's test [on] Peerless [lorry]
18/4/18 granted 4th rate Corps pay
1/5/18 sailed Dover to Calais on ss Scotia. To base MT depot (northern Calais)
19/5/18 11th Div Sig Coy RE (temp)
20/1/19 burned hand
23/2/19 invalided to England by HS Brighton
10/4/19 dis[missed? from] hospital, Thorpe Norwich

Other details :
RASC regimental number: 352359
Qualification: Army Service Corps lorry driver (Peerless)
Next of kin: wife: Mrs Annie Fardon, 23 Grosvenor Road, Norwich
Civilian occupation: jewellery manager

Medical report states "while warming tea on a trench stove it was accidentally knocked over and burnt the back of his hand".
Application for an award (grant, disability pension?) rejected.

James - b1893 (chapter 6)

The information is from the following documents (all July 1919):
Casualty Form - Active Service
Medical report Prior to Discharge
Opinions of the Medical Board
Medical History
AWARD Sheet - First Award

Military progress
21/8/16 attested
31/8/16 to Army Reserve, enlisted at Manchester
17/10/16 mobilised, RW Fus 3rd (Bn) Cheshire Regt, Babbington
13/2/17 embarked [at] Devenport
3/3/17 disembarked Alexandria, joined battalion in Alexandria
3/10/17 transferred to the Labour Corps, posted to 802 Area Employment Company (orderly 3rd echelon GHQ)
4/12/17 granted Class 1 pay
27/2/19 retained under RO55 of 1919 for military service in army of occupation,, entitled to full bonus rates from ½/19 under RO540/1919
1/6/19 embarked at Alexandria per [ss] Ellenga. Leave UK struck off strength of EEF from date of embarkation
24/7/19 proceeded to WCDC Litherland, Oswestry. No longer physically fit for war service [under] para 392 (xvi) KR. Entitled to Silver [War] Badge. Signed by OC 535 HS Employment Coy
28/7/19 Discharged with [medical] classification B2
Military service (shown in years and days)
home 31/8/16 1
home 17/10/16-12/2/17 119
EEF 13/2/17-26/6/19 2 134
home 27/6/19-28/7/19 82

To pension: 2 years 286 days
Reserve: 46 days

Personal details
born :-   Cadishead, Manchester
age :-   23 years 7 months
civilian trade :-   packer or soap maker [conflicting sources]
height/weight/chest :-   5ft 5 1/2in, 122lb, 33 3/4in with 2 3/4in expansion
physical development/pulse :-   good, 72
vision :-   6/6 bpth eyes
rank :-   private
regimental number :-   52553 [corps/regt not shown]
61783, transfer to Cheshire Regt
358515, Labour Corps
next of kin :-   mother, Sophia Davies, 5 Green Lanes, Cadishead, Manchester

From the final medical report of 29/7/1919 at Litherland Station, endorsed by Labour Corps, Nottingham, 29/7/1919:
Disability. Occurred prior to enlistment when, as a boy in 1901, he fell off a roof and fractured his arm. " It was evidently a comminuted fracture" [in which the bone is splintered] "and the union was bad. When extended the arm forms an angle of about 45 degrees. The condition renders the arm permanently weak. He is no further use as a soldier". Recommendation: discharge as permanently unfit, under para 392 (xvi) of King's Regulations.
Total disability of 20% plus 1% for V[aricose]V[eins]. There was 20% disability on entry to the army.

gratutity for varicose veins agg by 1% P £25 0s 0d
2 years Colors [sic] £5 0s 0d
[total] £30 0s 0d

The following comes from the information held by the British War Graves Commission

George Edmund Lees - b.1910, son of Isabella Fardon (chapter 4)
George is shown in the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as follows:

name:-   LEES, George Edmund
nationality:-   United Kingdom
rank:-   Lance-Sergeant
regiment:-   Grenadier Guards
unit:-   6th Bn
age:-   34
date of death:-   30/1/1944
service number:-   2613094
additional information:-   Son of William Bernard Lees and of Isabella Lees (nee Fardon); husband of Marjorie Lees (nee Howard) of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire
casualty type:-   Commonwealth War Dead
grave/memorial reference:-   IV, B, 24
cemetery:-   Minturno War Cemetery

Also mentioned on the Roll of Honour in the village of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire:
George Edmund LEES :Lnc/Sgt. 6th Bt. Grenadier Guards, d 30/1/1944, age 34, buried: Minturno War Cemetery, Italy. Son of William Bernard Lees and of Isabella Lees (nee Fardon); husband of Marjorie Lees (nee Howard), of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

Ernest Charles - b.1920 (chapter 18)
Ernest is shown in the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as follows:

name:-   Fardon, Ernest Charles
nationality:-   United Kingdom
rank:-   Able Seaman
regiment/service:-   Royal Navy
unit:-   HMS Bramble
age:-   22
date of death:-   31/12/1942
service number:-   P/JX 274989
additional information:-   Son of William and Clara Elizabeth Fardon; husband of May Fardon of Radford, Nottinghamshire
casualty type:-   Commonwealth War Dead
grave/memorial reference:-   Panel 63, column 3
memorial:-   Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Click to see an enlarged image of the memorial certificate  

HMS Bramble was a Halcyon-class minesweeper of the Royal Navy, launched on 12th July 1938. It was sunk by the German destroyer Friedrich Eckoldt in the Barents Sea on 31st December 1942 while escorting convoy JW-51B to Russia. 121 men lost their lives on board her.

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